The Grant Authority Book and CD

Yes! I am excited about learning how to apply and get approved for legitimate free grant money programs from government agencies... foundations... and... corporations.

I want to discover the grant-winning secrets revealed in the book,
The Grant Authority.

By ordering today, a hard copy of the book will be mailed to me. Along with the book I'll get a free copy of the special grant resources CD.

In addition, I also get the following special PDF reports absolutely free...

Report #1: 10 Tips To Follow Before Submitting Your Grant Proposal

Report #2: "Special Grant Programs Just For Women"

Report #3: "How To Get Your Share Of Local And State Grant Funds"

I understand this offer comes with a 100% three-month risk-free money back guarantee. Which takes all the pressure off my decision. My order won't be considered final until at least three months after I've received the hard copy of the book and free CD by courier... and... downloaded the three special PDF reports. That gives me more than enough time to read the secrets the book contains. And put them to the test.

If for any reason or, no reason at all, I'm not 100% satisfied, I can send the book and CD back and request a full refund. No excuses needed. No questions. And no funny business. I get to keep the free PDF reports no matter what.

But I'm sure the book will more than deliver on it's promises.

Once I place my order - and my credit card is approved for $19.95 - I'll be sent the book and CD. I'll also be sent to the download page to get the PDF reports.

I can't wait to get started.

On that basis, I'm filling out the secure form below and ordering right now...

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The Grant Authority Book and CD


  • Hard Copy of the Book
  • Free Copy of the Special
    Grant Resources CD
  • Plus 3 Free PDF Reports

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