How to Create Your Own Grant Success Story
At Last. the truth about how to qualify for legitimage cash giveaways in the form of free money grants from government agencies, foundations and corporations and how to steer clear of internet marketing cons who want to rip you off

By: Ronald E. Wainrib, Esq.

Dear Grant-Seeker,

In the next few minutes, I am (with your permission) going to send you a fresh copy of my brand new book titled...

The Grant Authority Book The Grant Authority: How to Create Your Own Grant Success Story

My name is Ronald E. Wainrib, Esq. I am an attorney, consumer advocate and have been in touch with the grant process for 30 years.

My book reveals how to get your share of the billions of grant dollars up for grabs from federal, state and local government agencies... public and private foundations... and... big money corporations.

Just as important, later on this website, I am going to expose one of the blatant grant scams on the Internet. So you don't lose your hard-earned money on programs that may not work.

More on that later.

You see, for years I have worked with both grantors and grant seekers, which gives me an insider's view of what it really takes to qualify for free grant money.

My new book is packed with time-tested, proven grant-winning secrets offered from a lawyer’s perspective such as:

  • How to identify the best free grant money programs for your particular needs. (You'll discover where the money is and how to get your share as quickly and as easily as possible.)
  • 9 grant myths that confuse consumers!
  • Shortcuts to proper research... writing a proposal... and... submitting correctly. (Too many people fail to get approval because they don't know what I reveal in my book.)
  • Critical differences between grants, loans and government entitlements... and... which ones are the easiest to qualify for!
  • Why your personal credit and financial situation does not matter when qualifying for a grant!
  • How to use grant money to get your new business off the ground! (This is perhaps the greatest source of start up and expansion capital any business owner can tap into.)
  • The number one mistake grant seekers make when applying for grants... and... how to avoid it.
  • How individual applicants can increase their chances of being awarded grant funds.
  • Why no one can guarantee you will receive grant money. (And how scammers cheat honest consumers out of their money by making big promises they can't deliver on. If you do nothing else, pay close attention to what I say here. You'll save yourself a lot of money and heartache.)
  • How to match your grant needs with those of the appropriate funding sources. (Knowing this little "nugget of gold" gives you a huge advantage over other grant seekers competing against you.)
  • The primary reason grant proposals are rejected!
  • Why individuals should affiliate and seek sponsorship from a non-profit organization... before... applying to any grant program!
  • Basic questions to ask yourself as part of the research process!
  • 7 types of grants... and... how to determine which type is right for you!
  • Under what circumstances it makes sense to start your own non-profit organization. (Such entities tend to have an easier time getting grant funds for various projects. This could be your ticket to a big grant award.)

There's more... much more.

But why should you bother listening to me? It's simple.

I've been an attorney, writer, and consumer advocate for 30 years. During that time, I was on the inside of organizations responsible for giving away millions upon millions of dollars in free grant money. And I helped grant-seekers - just like you - access these funds for themselves and their businesses.

Which means, I am in a unique position- unlike most other grant information providers - to help you...

Obtain Free Grant Money

I realized I've only reached a tiny fraction of the grant-seekers who could benefit from my expertise. There are thousands of people out there getting ripped off by grant program marketers. That's why I decided to write this book. I want to be sure that doesn't happen to you or someone you know.

I've already shared with you many of the secrets my book contains. are a few more:

  • How to avoid the stress, struggle and frustration of chasing down grant programs that are not right for you!
  • What a "fiscal agent" is and how they can assist you during the grant application process. (If you can it's a good idea to get one of them on your side.)
  • Where to find new grant funding opportunities! (Here's where to look for brand new programs with little competition.)
  • How to use the Internet to search for federal grants! (I'll give you two online government research tools that speed up the search for the money you want.)
  • How to tell if federal funds are allocated for a certain grant program... or... if the funds are authorized. (There's a big difference between the two... and... if you make the mistake most grant seekers make you may never see the money you've been approved for.)
  • An easy way to tell local and state government websites apart from private commercial websites. (Important if you don't want to fall prey to marketers selling the same information you can find for free.)
  • Three sources of foundation grants.
  • Two ways to tap into the vast coffers of corporate grant funds.
  • Step-by-step blueprint for researching non-government grant sources. (Follow these steps and all the guesswork is eliminated.)
  • How to get an international grant. Other countries have their own grant systems... and... if you know what you're doing you can access their funds as well. The details are in my book.
  • How to write a grant proposal exactly how a funding source wants it written. (If you don't they'll throw it out unread. Follow my simple guidelines to avoid getting your proposals trashed.)
  • 10 tips for successful grant writing!
  • What a DUNS number is... and... why you need one when applying for a federal agency grant!
  • How to "think" like a grantor when preparing your proposal. (Do this and you'll almost always hit the right nerve with grantors. Which makes your proposal stand head and shoulders above the rest.)
  • A proposal preparation checklist that makes sure you don't leave anything important out! (Read this over more than once.)

Again, I'm sure you agree the secrets you are going to discover are amazing. However, if you are like most people, you might be a little skeptical.

For this reason, I want to share with you three real-life grant success stories...

Consumer Advocate and Attorney Ronald E. Wainrib

Mr. Wainrib received his B.A. degree in 1973... and... went on to obtain his J.D. (law degree) from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1976. He has been a licensed Massachusetts attorney and member of the Massachusetts Bar since 1976. He also obtained his Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Harford in 1980.

Since 1991, he has run his own successful business - law practice - based in the state of Massachusetts as a legal consultant to small business owners, individuals, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

In addition, he has worked with numerous consumer advocacy organizations including...

In response to the misinformation on the Internet about grants, he has written a book that explains - in detail - the process of how to apply for and get a free money grant.

Anyone serious about securing a grant for any reason should read this book.

It will help you get the grant money you deserve while avoiding the pitfalls.

Believe it or not, billions of dollars are waiting to be claimed. Over 25 federal agencies distribute part of this money via more than 1,000 programs.

The numbers are staggering...

  • Billions of dollars are available for small and start up businesses.
  • Hundreds of billions in free grants available for women. For instance, government agencies offer nearly $10 Billion in free money grants for women entrepreneurs to start new businesses.
  • Special funds have been earmarked for minority groups such as: African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans.
  • First time home buyer programs at the local, state and federal level give people money to buy a home. For example, up to $10,000 or 6% of the purchase price is available to buy your first home under HUD's American Dream Down Payment Initiative program.
  • Rural residents age 62 and older can access free money grants for home renovation and repair. There are grants and low-interest loan programs for business owners, students, artists, musicians, etc.
  • And much more.

The key to getting these funds is knowing how to apply for them.

This book gives you the facts about legitimate programs you can apply to... and... how to put the odds of getting a grant in your favor.

Politicians often set up free grant money programs. Many are intended to benefit their constituents (and may help the politicians get re-elected).

These grant programs are administered by federal, state and local governments. These government agencies are required to distribute them by laws written by these politicians.

Some programs require that certain amounts or percentages of free grant dollars be given to particular recipients, such as small businesses.

Private Foundations...
Private foundations must by law give away five per cent of their yearly gross profits to maintain their non-profit, tax-exempt status with the IRS.

Their grants support public causes they believe in. They receive goodwill that always creates positive media attention.

Their donors receive tax deductions for their contributions to these foundations.

Corporations give away free grant money through their own corporate-sponsored foundations.

They also give non-monetary gifts that support causes they believe in through corporate giving programs. Their grants support public causes that benefit their local communities, and/or their employees and families.

They benefit from the goodwill that comes from positive media attention. They may also get tax write-offs for their good work.

Grant Money Success Stories
  Small Business

TruTouch Technologies Inc. received a federal grant of $218,000...

TruTouch Technologies Inc. is a New Mexico-based small business. The company received $218,000 as part of a research grant to focus on developing an optical technique to measure amounts of alcohol in the bloodstream. The technique replaces breath, blood and urine testing by measuring alcohol amounts through the skin.

  First Time Home Buyer

Single mother receives $7,500 in down payment assistance...

Liliana is a single mother from Chelmsford, Massachusetts . She applied for and received $7,500 in down payment assistance from the American Dream Down Payment Initiative. This program, funded by HUD, helps first time, low income home buyers with down payment and closing costs assistance.

  Home Improvement

Fort Wayne, Indiana attorney receives $13,350
in city grants to restore her home/office...

Tandra is a lawyer in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She applied for and received $13,350 in city grants to restore her three-story Victorian home and office. She used the grants for the exterior work needed to fix up her home including: rebuilding the foundation... adding concrete steps and a porch... and... repainting the outside.

These are just a few of the thousands of examples of ordinary folks getting their share of the billions of dollars in free grant money. These funds are available to you as well. All you have to know is the right process for finding these grants... and... how to successfully apply.

It's easier than you think once you know the secrets in my book.

As you can see, free grant money is available for:

First Time Home Buyers, Students, Business Start-Ups, Real Estate Investors, Small Business Owners, and More!

Best of all, these grants never have to be repaid.

You just need to know who to ask and how to ask them for this money.

You also need to know...

How To Avoid The Grant Scams
And Schemes Costing Consumers
Millions Of Dollars Every Year

Listen carefully:
The Internet is a hotbed of misinformation. Google the term "government grants" and you get hundreds of web pages.

Ask yourself this question...

"Could all those web pages contain accurate information about getting a grant?"

Of course not!

In fact, a lot of them are set up by affiliate marketers to make a quick buck. One of the most prevalent scams is this: Someone who knows nothing about - and has never obtained - grants sets up a "review" website.

The site is supposed to present authoritative and objective information about different grant books and programs. The marketer says something like they researched a bunch of grant programs and found several legitimate ones.

When you click on the links on their website you go to the home page for the product. If you buy, the affiliate marketer gets a commission.

There's nothing wrong with that... except... in a lot of cases, the affiliate marketer has never even bothered reading any of the books they promote. They have no clue what's accurate and what's garbage. You trust them and buy and end up wasting your money.

To me... that's a scam.

On the other hand, this book covers what you need to know to successfully obtain a grant. It's been written by someone who knows how the grant process works because I have been on both sides of the fence helping grantors and grant seekers.

Just to make sure you understand this point, here are a few more secrets you'll read about in my book:

Rave Reviews from Professional Grant Writers

"The Grant Authority is the most comprehensive presentation of the grant proposal process available to grant applicants today. The book is a down-to-earth easy read as to the best ways of matching funding sources with needs, and it provides a step-by-step protocol in order to ensure that your grant proposal will result in the funding you are seeking.

The Grant Authority is a superbly crafted resource for grant seekers, and it is a must read for anyone who wants to learn the real deal regarding government and private funding. The book speaks for itself. We use it as an excellent reference source in our work, and wholeheartedly recommend it to professionals in the field and to all individuals who are contemplating funding alternatives."

-- Randy Ring
Professional Grant Writer

"One of the hardest things about having 25 years of charitable fundraising and grant writing expertise is the feeling of frustration that comes when I just can't help everyone who has a great idea. Fortunately for us all, we now have The Grant Authority. A resource book that leads with the gentle solitude of a guide dog that is always on alert as it quickly leads you to where you want to go. Better yet: The Grant Authority comfortably crosses the barriers between the pedantic expectations of traditional funders and the exciting cut and paste expectations of the virtual future of fundraising. Well done."

-- Allan Shore
Professional Grant Writer

  • How to maximize your chances of winning a grant.
  • Three possible outcomes to expect after you submit your proposal to the grantor.
  • How to deal with partial grant funding and use it to get more grant money from the same or other grantors in the future. (Knowing this can get you thousands of extra dollars.)
  • What an "RFP" is... and... why you must read it carefully and follow instructions to the letter... if... getting a grant approval is important to you.
  • Winning strategies for convincing grantors to fund your project.
  • 15 "must-have" items to include in all your grant proposals. (Don't even think about preparing a proposal without knowing what these items are... and... what they consist of. The success of your application depends on these.)
  • The single most important part of a grant proposal... and... how to use it to differentiate yourself from other grant seekers.
  • What grantors focus on most when they read a grant proposal. (I bet not one in a thousand applicants knows this secret. Yet... it's probably the one thing... above all others... that determines whether your application is accepeted or rejected.)
  • A critical question you have to answer in your proposal. Grantors are secretly asking themselves this question... before... deciding if they should award you the money or someone else.
  • 10 common reasons why grant proposals are denied.
  • How to apply for grants on the Internet.
  • Real-world examples of how to fill out the proper forms when applying for government, foundation or corporate grants.
  • 6 tips to increase your chances of success with non-government grantors.
  • Crucial differences between manual and electronic grant proposal submission. (And common errors to avoid when sending your proposal via the Internet.)
  • Instant access to forms, legal agreements and contracts, sample grant proposals, RFPs, letters, and other documents you may need with instructions for filling them out correctly and accurately! (I'll translate the "legal" stuff into plain English so you won’t spend your time banging your head against a wall figuring out what this stuff means!)

The Grant Authority offers you the real world information needed to successfully win grants. How much money you obtain depends on the grant you qualify for, and how much effort you devote to grant research, writing and other steps you’ll read about in this book.

But wait... there's more...

In addition to the book, you'll also get a...

Special Grant Resources CD Absolutely Free

This CD is a $50 Value and it's yours free just for ordering the book.

The CD provides the resources you'll need when applying for free grant money.

It includes the following nine sections:

Section One:Standard Federal Government Agency Forms

Section Two: Specific Federal Government Agency Forms, Programs, Policies and Other Requirements

Section Three:SBIR/STTR Programs At Participating Federal Government Agencies

Section Four:Research Resources

Section Five:Grant Writing Resources

Section Six:Electronic Grant Submission Guide

Section Seven:After Submission Procedures

Section Eight:Tax Reporting

Section Nine:Sample State Grant Programs And Forms

If you want to avoid getting ripped off by grant scammers... and... you want to learn the truth about how to get a grant... then... this book is mandatory reading.

And, if you act right now, you get a...

100% Risk-Free,
Three-Month Money Back Guarantee

The Grant Authority Book and CD

Here's the deal:
The Grant Authority, Inc. is a company that is authorized to sell this book. They have reserved a hard copy for you. The only requirement to claim it is a small "good faith" deposit of $19.95. To prove you are serious about learning these little-known grant money secrets.

Let me make something clear:
Your money is safe with them... because... they won't consider your deposit theirs until at least three months after they send you the book.

That gives you more than enough time to read the secrets in the book... put them to the test... and... apply for one or more free money grants.

If for any reason, or no reason at all, you're not completely satisfied return the book and CD... and... they'll give you a full and fast refund.

No questions asked. No funny business.

You don't risk a single penny.

Fair enough?

Good. I thought so.

It's Easy To Order

Have your credit card ready and click on the secure order link below.

Fill out the information on the next page using the secure server. Once your order is processed your copy of the book and CD will be mailed out. You're gonna love it.

So go ahead and...

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Ronald E. Wainrib

Ronald E. Wainrib, Esq.

P.S. One more thing:
The attorney and consumer advocate I've been telling you about also wrote three special reports that make it even easier to obtain free grant money. If you order his book right now - today - these reports will be included with your order... absolutely free. Further, you can keep these reports... even if... you return the book for any reason.

Here's a quick summary of each report...

Report #1:
"10 Tips To Follow Before Submitting Your Grant Proposal"
In this special report you'll learn how to submit your grant proposal the right way. One of the biggest reasons proposals get shot down is improper submission. This report gives you the steps to make sure your proposal has the highest chance of getting approved. Refer to it before sending your proposal out.

Report #2:
"Special Grant Programs Just For Women"
When it comes to grants women have an advantage. Because a plethora of grant programs exist just for them specifically. In this report, you'll learn how to tap into grants set aside for women. If you're a woman seeking grant money then read this report.

Report #3:
"How To Get Your Share Of Local And State Grant Funds"
Local and state governments give away billions of dollars every year in grant money. This report explains how to apply for these grants. It also gives you the resources you need to get the process going in your local area and state.

When you order the book you'll get these three PDF reports. After your order is processed, you'll be sent to a download page. Follow the simple instructions to download the PDF reports to your computer immediately.

To get these free PDF reports and free CD, go ahead and order the book...

The Grant Authority Book and CD Click Here to Order Now!

Grant Authority, Inc. Copyright 2008

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